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The Naked City - Next Exit

Hi. Perhaps you've heard that we have super heroes here? It's true! Come on in and see for yourself. Please be careful, though; we have villains as well. Not to mention the occasional alien or giant monster, and adventurers of every stripe. Why, anywhere you go there's something exciting happening!

Our super ladies tend to be rather scantily dressed. Some of them don't wear anything at all. They're always getting into fights, where whatever they do wear gets disarrayed or ripped off entirely. Villains aren't satisfied merely to defeat their opponents, it's necessary to humiliate them as well. What better way than to strip them and bind them, leaving then exposed and helpless to the public eye? And having come that far, why not complete the subjugation by physically punishing or taking sexual liberties with the helpless captive? Or better yet, both at once?

A word of warning: if you venture into our fair city, you will get an eyefull. If that doesn't suit, perhaps it would be better to visit someplace else.

If you're under 18, or it's inappropriate (or illegal) for you to see naked women fighting one another, threatened by violence, or being sexually assaulted, you should keep driving.

If you're interested in what our city has to offer (and it's legal for you to view it), take the exit and come on in.

Sure, I'll stop and stay a while.
No thanks, there's some other place I need to be.