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Moroder's Books

The Brass Monkey - The Hall of Heroes - Lake Vorhees - The Nixon Space Center

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Book of Dreams
Shelves stand close together, with barely room for two people to pass, and reach all the way to the ceiling, giving the place a close, labyrinthine feel. Heightening the effect are doorways punched through walls at odd locations, with stairways and ramps to bridge uneven floor heights. Strange artifacts of uncertain provenance and eerie appearance- heightened by poor lighting and deep shadows- sit under dusty glass covers, tucked away in alcoves, corners, high shelves, and wherever else space permits. The coffee shop is much the same: patrons sit at closely spaced tables, drinking and studying the yellowed pages of dusty old books. Many of them resemble artifacts themselves: old, of uncertain provenance, and very eerie in appearance.
Demons and Devils

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